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Discover the best way you can manage your handling services worldwide.

From your mobile phone, tablet or computer, we provide the best integrated solution for airlines, air freighters, cargo ships, cruise lines, business aviation and maritime operators.

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    About Pay Aims
    Invoicing, billing and collection.

    PAY AIMS acts as the main platform integrating all the products of SUITE AIMS by processing and grouping all the different services in one place while providing notifications for clients in real-time. After they are reviewed and approved, the system will provide a variety of payment options and will carry out the complete process of billing, collection, monitoring, validation and receipts, all with a digital backup for audit 24/7.

    PAY AIMS is where clients meet their financial responsibilities with an airport or seaport with absolute transparency and efficiency.

    Different option payments

    Store your credit cards in our e-wallet, use our innovative virtual card or configure direct ACH payments and operate in our certified airports, seaports and handling partners worldwide.

    Integration with airports and seaports

    Original airport, seaport and handling invoices are automatically displayed for review thru our innovative levels of approval that can adapt to your organization requirements.


    Our aviation and maritime service providers can generate QR codes and make any device a direct connection between you and us from remote locations. Then it’s as simple as scanning from the client app and selecting your payment method.


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    Keep up to date with industry information from all over the world.

    Organize your team to work with the application as Operator, Reviewer or Manager. Each user role will have their own responsibilities and activities inside the system.

    Register credit cards in our system to pay online or create a virtual card with us and keep it with a positive balance to expedite your online payments and reduce transaction fees.

    Analyze your service consumption and payment transactions over the time, by merchant, asset or currency with our real-time reports.

    Check originated services, see if they are pending, allow clients to review them, and let them process their payments for individual or grouped invoices.

    Our third-party PCI compliant integrations with different payment processors, make our transactions protected worldwide. Your information is always protected.

    Our team of specialists are available around the clock to solve any issues with your handling service. We provide assistance on site and online. You will always be covered.

    Is Pay Aims the solution you need?

    In our initial phase we offer a cost-free assessment and implement our technology with a trial period of up to three months.